Cicatrix - The legacy

Compiling an evaluation of Cicatrix gave founder, Prudence Maltby the opportunity to look back on the achievements of the project through the Wiltshire Arts blog, which has tracked the progress of Cicatrix since its initial show in 2014.

The end of 2018 saw the conclusion of the WW1 Centenary commemorative events and the final show of the Cicatrix project at Atelier Circulaire in Montreal Canada, a fitting end to what became a project which spanned the globe, reaching out from Salisbury Plain to the Commonwealth countries that shared in that unique and troubled history. You can read the full evaluation documentation of the project by Prudence Maltby in the 'writing' page of this website.

The legacy of Cicatrix carries on though as the artists have been invited to deliver a talk in Northern Ireland at the Living Legacies Shared Heritage Festival in May 2019. This national event aims to draw together research gathered over the period of the centenary to add to the canon of knowledge on all aspects of WW1, much of which would have remained hidden had it not been for the many and diverse national projects of the centenary period. Henny Burnett and Susan Francis will be talking on the subject of scarred landscape, the central theme of the Cicatrix project.

Prudence Maltby