September 2018 - Speaker and author Simon Daughty launches the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery show with work from all six Cicatrix artists and their selection from The Swindon Modern Art Collection.


We were pleased to have support from all the Commonwealth embassies represented with the Australian embassy sponsoring the hosting of the night.

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May 2018 - As we approach our final UK exhibition in Swindon Museum & Art Gallery, we are pleased to announce funding awards from the Canadian and the New Zealand Embassy in London

The Autumn show in Swindon Museum & Art Gallery will see all 5 Cicatrix artists come together for the first time with work from the entire Cicatrix project exhibited throughout the entire gallery.

Pleased to announce our award from Arts Council England together with the British Council to fund the original Cicatrix artists to visit Montreal in Autumn 2018

The orginal Cicatrix artists with Caro Williams will be preparing to visit Catherine Farish in Montreal Canada in November 2018 to exhibit new work with Atelier Circulaire gallery. This visit draws the circle to a close as 2018 marks the end of the WW1 commemoration period and the collaboration which began on Salisbury Plain and encircled the Commonwealth countries of New Zealand, Canada and Australia

Introducing our third and final Commonwealth artist, Catherine Farish from Montreal, Canada

Introducing our second Commonwealth artist, Sophie Cape to

the Cicatrix mix






















Henny Burnett is awarded a-n bursary to travel to Canada

Henny Burnett has been awarded an a-n bursary to travel to Canada on behalf of Cicatrix to secure a Canadian artist for the next residency.

Cicatrix hosts its first international residency


















Introducing work by the New Zealand based artist, Caro Williams



Exciting developments as Cicatrix moves into an international collaboration between artists from the Commonwealth countries: Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.


The three original collaborating artists working in Wiltshire, England;  Henny Burnett, Pru Maltby and Susan Francis, will be

joined by Caro Williams who works in New Zealand with sculpture and sound. Caro will be resident on Salisbury Plain

to create work for the forthcoming Ageas Salisbury International Festival exhibition.

Progressing further, artists from Australia and Canada shall be sourced to

join the collaboration at a later date.

We are thrilled to introduce our second Commonwealth artist to the Cicatrix project. Sophie Cape is an Australian artist, well known in her homeland for her dramatic transition from Olympian athelete to professional artist, via a journey which has left Sophie with her own scars to deal with. Despite leaving behind the rigourous nature of her sporting career, Sophie's work carries on that theme of extreme challenge as she is drawn to landscapes which test her endurance often both physically and emotionally. Sophie works directly from the land itself, getting physically involved with the materials she finds there to produce work which literally speaks of the terrain and of her interaction with it. Salisbury Plain will set Sophie a further challenge as she takes the same journey Australain troops took a century ago to experience this unique and difficult place during the second of our international residencies on the Plain.

Following Henny Burnetts trip to Canada, supported by the A-N travel award we are pleased to announce that Catherine Farish, an accomplished and dynamic printmaker, well-known in her own country, will join us as part of the Cicatrix project. You can find out more about her work here



'How do artists navigate difficult ground?'

Discussion forum to be held at the Young Gallery Salisbury on 3rd October at 6pm.



The catalogue for Cicatrix, complete with contributions from Professor Ewan Clayton MBE and the Senior Archaeologist for the MOD, Richard Osgood, is now available on PDF or also in magazine format at






Interview with Prudence Maltby by Katy Maw reporting for Arts Wiltshire with Roo Green,

on BBC Wiltshire



Henny Burnett's image for Cicatrix to be exhibited on bus stops throughout the b-side festival in Dorset


Henny Burnett guest blogger  on The Arts In Wiltshire



Susan Francis guest blogger on The Arts in Wiltshire



Prudence Maltby guest blogger on The Arts in Wiltshire 



Prudence Maltby and Henny Burnetts' work for Cicatrix selected for the Evolver Prize 2014 

Covered in issue no:  82 July - August 2014


Tuesday 18th February 2014 - we will be interviewed about Cicatrix live on BBC Radio Wiltshire by Sue Davies

as part of  her afternoon show 















Visit to Cleenish


2019 WW1 Engagement Centre Festival 'Shared Heritage; Landscape Legacies', Northern Ireland and the Cicatrix Story


On 18th May 2019, Henny Burnett and Susan Francis (unfortunately the Cicatrix founder, Prudence Maltby was unable to attend)  travelled to Cleenish Island in Northern Ireland as part of the festival Land Legacies, organised by Queens University Belfast

They not only discovered the troubled history of the Cleenish site and its connections to WW1, but also presented a talk on the Cicatrix project alongside other selected WW1 project with a focus on landscape. Read more about the fascinating history of Cleenish Island here;