Preparation for 2018 and Montreal

Through our inclusion of international artists, in this case Catherine Farish from Canada, we have subsequently been invited to exhibit in Atelier Circulaire in Montreal, alongside our UK show in Swindon in 2018. Atelier Circulaire is essentially a print based gallery and as such an element of the show aims to include a further iteration of Cicatrix through various print mediums.

As such both Prudence Maltby and Henny Burnett have been brushing up on printing skills, working with experts in the field based throughout Wiltshire and at Spike Island in Bristol. The etched/layered military landscape of Salisbury Plain and the theme of scarring, of course, resonate deeply with the print process. The following images show the beginnings of their journey into the medium.

Prudence Maltby

Henny Burnett