Agent-General of Quebec visits Catherine's show

While bringing together Commonwealth artists for the Cicatrix project, we discovered, completely by chance, that Catherine Farish, our chosen printmaker, had already visited Salisbury Plain and produced a series of prints on Stonehenge which had, as yet, never been shown in the UK. It was time to put that right and so after conversations with Ageas International Salisbury Festival, it was decided that Catherine would exhibit her work as part of the festival, leading up to her residency on Salisbury Plain. We are now well into the festival and Catherine's work, curated by Prudence Maltby, is on display at Salisbury Arts Centre. We were particularly pleased to have a visit from Quebec's Agent-General, Christos Sirros, who came with his wife and took great interest in the Cicatrix project and our invitation by Atelier Circulaire to exhibit together in Montreal.