Catherine and Caro exhibiting home and away

At the moment two of our Cicatrix commonwealth artists are taking work to new shores. Caro Williams is currently about to install her Call & Response sound installation, created on her Salisbury Plain residency, in the grounds of Nathan Homestead in Auckland, New Zealand, while Catherine Farish is preparing to come to the UK to show a collection of her prints on Stonehenge during the Salisbury International Festival. Combined with this she will be undertaking her residency at Salisbury Plain, preparing new work for the forthcoming Swindon show in 2018. When we began to research for a Canadian artist to join the Cicatrix project, Catherine's work immediately stood out to us. Little did we know at that time, that, by total serendipity, Catherine had already visited Salisbury Plain which had inspired a stunning series of monumental prints on the subject. This led us into discussion with Toby Smith, director of Salisbury Festival who, by chance yet again, was visiting Montreal shortly after where Catherine is based. The two met up, and the prints, never yet exhibited within the UK will finally be on show during the festival, a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved and a wonderful chance for the general public to see this very special collection.