Welcoming our second Commonwealth artist to the Cicatrix Project

We are thrilled to introduce our second Commonwealth artist to the Cicatrix project. Sophie Cape is an Australian artist, well known in her homeland for her dramatic transition from Olympian athlete to professional artist, via a journey which has left Sophie with her own scars to deal with. Despite leaving behind the rigorous nature of her sporting career, Sophie's work carries on that theme of extreme challenge as she is drawn to landscapes which test her endurance often both physically and emotionally.

Sophie works directly from the land itself, getting physically involved with the materials she finds there to produce work which literally speaks of the terrain and of her interaction with it. Past landscapes Sophie has explored include Mount Everest and, more recently the stunning Italian quarries of Carrera marble, but Salisbury Plain will set Sophie a further challenge as she takes the same journey Australian troops took a century ago to experience this unique and difficult place during the second of our international residencies on the Plain.